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Learn Piano Chords Using Flash Cards

Learn Piano Chords Using Flash Cards

An important part of learning the piano (or learning about many types of music in general) is understanding and recognising chords. The most common types of chords in the Western world are major and minor triads: three-note chords that are built by stacking notes that are a 3rd apart. Chord progressions provide harmony in music, adding colour to melodies by blending different notes together in various combinations. At the bottom of this post is a downloadable PDF I have made of major and minor chord flash cards so that you can print them as a memorisation aid.

Five Ways To Use Key Signature Flash Cards Image

Five Ways To Use Key Signature Flash Cards

When it comes to learning and remembering certain concepts in music, a lot of input and repetition is required to allow the information to sink in and begin to make sense. Key signatures are a good example of this – with twelve major and twelve minor keys, it can seem like a daunting task to memorise the correct sharps and flats needed for each scale. A lot of my students like using flash cards for learning this kind of information and testing themselves on their retention.

Eight Time-Saving Practice Techniques

Eight Time-Saving Practice Techniques

Although investing a great number of hours into your chosen instrument is crucial, the quality of that practice time is just as important. According to the leading authority in the psychology of expertise, K. Anders Ericsson, it is ‘deliberate’ practice that causes significant improvement, rather than mindlessly going through familiar motions. It is often much more beneficial to do twenty minutes of deliberate practice with a clear intention than it is to play aimlessly for an hour. With that in mind, here are eight practice techniques that I use in every lesson with my students and in my own practice, which will improve the efficiency of your learning and save valuable time.

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Tips For Setting Up An Inviting Practice Space

One often overlooked factor that can make or break the effectiveness of your practice is how you set up your practice space. Most of us probably haven’t given the subject much thought (me included until recently!), but having a space that has been set up thoughtfully can have surprising effects on your musical progress and enjoyment. In this post I’ll look at the benefits of having a good practice set-up, and give some tips for how to make the most out of your music space.

Practice Notebook

How To Make The Most Of Your Practice Notebook

A dedicated notebook for your music practice can be an incredibly useful tool for aiding your musical learning and keeping you on track. In this post I’ve listed some of the benefits of keeping a music notebook, and suggested some ways you can use your notebook to your advantage.