Workshops and Group Sessions

As well as private instrumental and theory lessons, I also offer various group music experiences and workshops.

Children Holding Hands In Circle
Photo by Ty Lagalo on Unsplash

What Can I Offer?

Below is a list of workshops I have offered, and hope to offer again at some point in the future.

Unfortunately I am not running any workshops at present, but will update this page when I resume.

I can lead a Composition Workshop at your school, club or institution.

I have experience in leading workshops in Composition and Songwriting skills in schools from Key Stage 1 up to A Level students. The workshops can be tailored to suit the number of participants, and are designed to last for two hours. I am available to hold workshops at schools in Leicestershire, North Warwickshire, South-East Staffordshire and Rutland.

I can lead a Percussion Workshop at your school or with your homeschooling group.

I have experience in leading percussion workshops with groups of up to 30 children, where we work on rhythm, listening skills, coordination, confidence and creativity in a fun and supportive environment. There is no need to own percussion instruments as we make instruments from whatever objects we can get our hands on, and the workshop also features a lot of body percussion. Parents are very welcome to attend. I am available to hold workshops mainly in the Nuneaton and Hinckley areas.

I can lead a Singing Workshop at your school or with your homeschooling group.

I have experience of teaching singing to groups of up to 30 children between 4 and 18, and am now offering group workshops with the primary aim of growing confidence and finding joy in music. The workshops feature fun warm-ups, singing in unison and in rounds, and some body percussion. They help to develop listening and communication skills as well as musical understanding, and are 90 minutes long. Available in Leicestershire and North Warwickshire.

Pricing Information

Workshops are priced based on my hourly rate plus travel considerations and materials. Please contact me for more details!