New Piano Video Course: Alone Again Blues

If you’d like an introduction to playing in a blues piano style that you can work through at your own pace, you might like my new piano video course! It’s a course of video tutorials that teach you to play the short piece Alone Again Blues through step-by-step lessons. It is suitable for adult beginners who maybe have a foundational knowledge of where the notes are on the keyboard and the treble and bass staves, up to intermediate learners.

I have organised the course into four video lessons that are around ten minutes each. I’ve also included a full video performance of the piece, an introduction, a PDF of the sheet music in an easy-to-read large score format, and a bonus lesson that explains the features of the piece that relate to the blues genre.

A few of my piano students love blues music and are interested in playing in that style, but didn’t know where to begin. I decided to write a set of beginner-friendly pieces that feature some of the characteristics of the blues. They are manageable for players in the early stages of learning, with satisfying results.

You can hear a performance of the piece below. The course can be downloaded from my Ko-fi shop, linked below.

A performance of Alone Again Blues, with the score.

My shop also has Printable Scale Sliders that can be moved round the piano to help you find the notes of many different scales. I have a previous post on how to use them here.